About me

I was born in the fall of 1957 in Kuopio, Finland, but I grew up in the “Pearl of the Baltic”, Kotka. Kotka is a small port city with beautiful archipelago. I moved from Finland to Stockholm in Sweden in 1976, where I have lived ever since.

My creative journey began early. My mother, Anna-Liisa taught me how to sew, knit and crochet. Due to this, an education in sewing/ dressmaking became quite a natural choice after I graduated from high school.
If I remember correctly, I made my first “advanced” work in the 70’s, which was my big brother’s black corduroy blazer with matching pants (I still have the pattern left ). Hmmmm … I have a strong feeling that I have developed somewhat since those days 😉 Much more has come to life through my trusted sewing machine over the years. Sometimes you succeed, sometimes you do not. It is what it is…that’s it!

To paint and draw also keeps med busy in my spare time. When I do not sew I paint. In the 90’s I became friends with a talented artist, who taught me a lot about oil painting. I also received private lessons from her father, who is / was fantastic, vivid and creative. I have a lot to thank them for! Many other good friends have given me advice and help, when I´ve had the inspiration to paint.
But as mentioned above … sometimes you succeed, sometimes you do not. It is what it is… and that’s it!

Creativity is what makes me happy. I feel that I notice things that other people usually don´t when they rush from one place to another. Fascination is not to be taken for granted, it is a gift.

My website is my little closet, where I put things I want to save. There are pieces that make me look back in both sorrow and joy. My creativity may look forward to new goals. The beauty needs to be embraced in every way … it´s all around us each and every day.